Strategic Solutions has the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence products and services on the Web. We can provide expert insights on global industries, companies, products, and trends.’s Account-Based Marketing helps your businesses focus on a sales and marketing goal, target specific accounts, and plan the right campaigns.
       Our Account-Based Marketing Specialists help you Pick Target Accounts, Gather Account Intelligence, Create The Right Message, Promote to your target accounts in a structured fashion, Lead Nurture, and Convert.’s E-commerce Marketplace offers your business a platform where your product or service information is provided to multiple third parties.
       Our E-commerce Marketplace Specialists ensure that there is easiness & convenience while using your website from a user’s perspective. They help you create user-friendly, unique, & hassle-free websites to help achieve your goals and provide exceptional user experience & satisfaction.
       With Google Shopping, makes it easier for your potential customers to find your products and business details when they need or want them and also lets them complete their purchase with Google. Our solutions improve the buying experience for customers across your website, shop, or application, to help you make more sales.
       With Marketing automation, helps your businesses in streamlining, automation, and measuring marketing tasks and workflows, so that your brand can increase its operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.
       Our Marketing automation Specialists help you streamline your lead generation, segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention, and marketing ROI measurement.
       Our Lead Scoring Specialists’ initial strategy focuses on outbound marketing, which will invariably generate leads. With time more leads go from unqualified to qualified.
       Our Lead Nurturing Specialists continue to engage with the leads generated and scored. They create a personal and positive relationship between them and your brand. By doing so, we turn them into potential customers.
       With, you get access to an expanding toolkit of payment options for in-person, mobile, and online credit card processing and fraud prevention services.
       We integrate your online store with 2Checkout services to accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover through fully-secured hosted payment checkout. It also offers recurring billing services, call-center support, SSL certification, and other tools.