The biggest worry for any eCommerce retailer today is the perils of non-delivery of shipments. There are various reasons not limiting to incorrect address, non-reachable customer, issues in COD or simply the customer refusing to accept the package.  When such cases of Return To Origin occurs, the eCommerce merchant is liable to pay their courier partners out of their own pockets.

In India, more than 45 % of the online buyers prefer COD to any other payment channel when compared over the years.

COD adds risk to the Merchants because until the customers pay, we cannot be sure if they are willing to get associated with us as a “Customer” and the merchant has no better choice than to invest a little more to get the customers pay.

We cannot eliminate this risk but your data can help you reduce this risk significantly.

By understanding your customers historical transactions, return history, product, product returns etc., we can estimate the probability of the customer completing the purchase.

How do we do that?


Integrate Clove.AI to your shipping and store data and leave it to us to get your customer analysis out.

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Clove.AI’s built-in AI recommendation engine constantly monitors and learns from data about your shipping patterns, returns and more to find ways of increasing topline, improving bottom line and increasing your customer engagement.

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