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Leave Your Data Challenges to Us

Clove.AI helps businesses leverage their key data and extract reliable and actionable recommendations to drive business decisions. Clove.AI has off-the-shelf and customizable AI algorithms that help identify the complex patterns in the data and derive predictive and prescriptive insights.

Gain actionable insights more quickly than anyone else. Get access to the single source of truth that tells you not only about what is happening currently, but also about what is likely to happen based on your historical data.

With faster insights, you can:

  • Identify your valuable customers to retarget personally

  • Optimize inventory and maximize productivity

  • Offer the right product to the right customer

  • Optimize Ad Spend and Increase Channel Sales

  • Choose the best payment method and manage declines

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Leverage Clove.AI and Transform your Data to Decisions

Leverage Clove.AI and Transform your Data to Decisions

See Full Feature List
See Full Feature List

Make Facts-Based Decisions

  • Sales Analytics: Sales By Region, Type, etc.
  • Customer Analytics: Journey, Preferences, Product Combinations, etc.

  • Marketing Analytics: Campaign Analysis, Funnel Analysis, Profitability, etc.

  • Ecommerce Analytics: Segmentation, Basket Analysis, Engagement, etc.

  • Performance Analytics: Performance by categories, brands, SKUs, etc.

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How We Work ?

With a Team of Industry Experts, Data Scientists and Architects, Clove.AI delivers its capabilities by

Building on Ecommerce-specific
data models, KPIs, metrics, and
measures to solve your key business challenges.

Ready connectors to standard Ecommerce data sources
along with comprehensive reports & insights to act right away!

Self-learning ML models that adapts to change in underlying data
and helps in more effective decision-making.

Rendering meaningful and
effective data visualization
and access to data in downloadable formats.

Free 7-day Trial | Easy Setup | Cancel Anytime