Today most E-Commerce retailers rely on simple e-commerce metrics dashboard tools or even just Excel to track customer journeys and transactions across the site.
But these are barely useful in understanding what customers are trying to do and to link data from their visits to actual payments. Retailers need to track e-commerce store trends — you need to know how well your sales funnel is doing, what products are doing well, and how many people are visiting your site.

There are tools like Compass Analytics, SavvyCube, Yogrow analytics, Beeketing ecommerce, Zaius, etc that do some or most of them.

A tool like Clove.AI however, is a lot more fully-featured. Clove.AI connects your visitor, campaign, store and payment data, and provide recommendations driven by AI. What this means is that not only are you able to link transactions from start to end, but the tool also does the heavy lifting in telling you what to do to increase sales. 

More importantly, it is not just an e-commerce dashboard, it acts as a customer data platform, enabling you to mine data and behavior whenever you want to, and in whichever dimension. It also comes with a Magento Extension, a Shopify App, and a WoCommerce plugin. You can, therefore, track e-commerce conversions, the conversion funnel, customer retention, and other insights.

Bringing all the data into one place also means that you and your analysts spend less time getting the data right. 

Also, use heat maps to understand what customers are doing on your site, what are they clicking on, which parts of a page they are looking at, etc. Tools like Hotjar record user actions on the site and let you play that back as well as show heatmaps.

Just connect all your e-commerce data sources and start seeing results.

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