You spend a lot of money to get users to the checkout page — statistics show that barely 10 to 12% of users end up on the checkout page.
But the actual conversions that you see are any wear between two and four percent. How do you make sure that you can do better than the industry average, get more users to convert it, and thereby get a much bigger return on investment in your marketing spends? By making very simple changes to your site.

The most important thing is to make your checkout dead simple. Anything more than a page long and requiring multiple clicks means that your users are going to abandon the checkout process never to return again.

PayPal and Magento have been running a few experiments to check what works and what doesn’t. Some of those findings are very interesting. For example one of them is to remove the “Continue Shopping” button in the mobile experience. This seems to provide a lift of about 3% in Conversion rates.

Another simple action, but which leads to an incredible 10% lift in conversions, is reconfiguring the “Continue Shopping” button to point to the last shopped detail page instead of the homepage. You can see more at

If the user is a returning user it helps to remember what the last used payment option was and to provide it first.

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