Businesses are not charity homes and are established to make profit. A business that does not make profits will definitely collapse. You require feedback periodically to make decisions that will sustain your business.

As a business owner of an ecommerce site, it is very expedient that you are able to sell your product and services to people across the world. You should be able to draw analysis from the sales you make from it. It is through the analysis that you can make insightful decisions that could grow your business.

What should you look out for as an ecommerce shop owner to grow your online business?
  • What items and item categories people purchase the most?
  • Who are the Top customers on my site?
  • What is the best time people purchase items?
  • How easily customers can reach me to make enquiries?
  • What is my customer buying journey?
  • What should I avoid, improve and continue doing to increase my online sales?

All these need to be analyzed and reports need to be generated so that decisions can be taken immediately. This task is tedious, time-constraining and can result in delaying the decision making process. This could cause a business to lose customers to its competitors as they have no idea of how the business is faring from a technical point of view.  A glance of your sales could give you a false report of general sale and lead you to taking wrong decisions. At the same time, businesses must have the habit of taking prompt decisions because a little delay could cause you to lose a great deal of money. Nevertheless, with the right decisions you could make millions of dollars in profits.

Clove.AI can help you achieve your targets in sales by helping analyze your historical data and gives you AI-enabled recommendations to help you take decisions that grow your sales.

CLove.AI is able to generate information on the products your customers purchase the most, your top customers, the sales you make and more. Clove.AI integrates and combines your E-Commerce data from Shopify, PayPal, Amazon, Magento, and Google Analytics to give you smart recommendations on what your next business decision should be.

By integrating with Google Analytics, Clove.IA makes you see the pages the visitors to your ecommerce site are viewing, the products they are buying and their location. With its AI recommendations, you can decide what products should be on sale and what products should not be on sale. In addition, you can tell the location of your clients and work towards targeted Customer Acquisition Effort.

Connecting Clove.AI to ecommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify help the business owner get firsthand information of his inventory, sales made and products that have been ordered. This software and its AI based suggestions can open your eyes to see products that are sold faster in the online shop and those people hardly buy. It would help the shop owner know the suppliers whom he has to keep on his speed dial.

Clove.AI can also be integrated with Stripe and PayPal. This helps the shop owner know the number of transactions which are made via his account each time, the charges he has paid on each transaction and the transactions which couldn’t go through for one reason or the other.

Clove.AI is the business owner’s friend because it avoids using pen and paper to always note down your transaction.

An awesome feature about Clove.AI is that although it works so much with data belonging to a lot of businesses, it does not in any way store their customer data. The data lies securely with the user in his own highly secure workspace.

Purchasing Clove.AI gives business owners an advantage over their competitors and always keeps them a step ahead, while generating workable solutions for them.

Clove.AI can boast of the following features. They include:

  • Simple comprehensive reporting

People associate complexity to business software but Clove.AI has a simple and understandable interface making it easy for users of the software to purchase it. Just integrate and make sense of all your data across your E-Commerce sources.

  • AI recommendations and quick reports.

The software thinks like a human being and as such generates well thought of suggestions which business owners can consider when taking decisions concerning their business.

Clove.AI is every business owner dream come true.

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