AI or Artificial Intelligence is emerging as one of the most important aspects in the ecommerce sector. It helps the industry to work smarter and better by predicting the trends. Whether it is for marketing, sales or inventory management, this can be of great help. It also helps to enhance the customer experience. AI is quite helpful today in the ecommerce industry. But only large-sized business houses can afford it. Hence, many mid-sized ecommerce retailers are unaware of how it can help you grow your business by increasing sales and reducing costs. Clove Commerce Insights, on the other hand, is one of the best AI tools for the mid-sized companies that can help you to grow your sales.

Here are some of the ways Artificial Intelligence can help the mid-sized ecommerce retailers:

Seamless Buyer Experience

Though the word ‘artificial’ means fake or robotic, yet Artificial Intelligence is something bigger and better. It helps the marketing and sales team to provide a more enhanced and seamless experience to the buyers. With the help of AI, numerous transactions can be quickly analyzed for generating customized offers for some target customers. Hence, this can increase the buyer’s experience to a completely new level.

Managing Inventory

AI can help the online retailers in managing their inventory efficiently. Keeping the inventory up-to-date all the time and keep a track on everything including shelves can be a painful and stressful job. But thanks to Artificial Intelligence, retailers will now be able to accurately keep a track on the inventory as well as can predict the future needs in the inventory for their business. It helps the experienced store workers to engage themselves in interacting with the customers rather than managing the inventory all the time.

Helps To Provides Meaningful Reports

Now your employees do not have to spend several hours for presenting a report based on graphs. If you want to know what you can do next for your ecommerce store, then AI can be really helpful. It will analyze all the records and data to provide you with some actionable recommendations based on your overall business functions. You just have to spend few minutes to go through the report and you will have the idea about what you have to do next.

Simplifies Your Business Challenges

AI can provide you with timely intelligence that can help you simplify some of the complex challenges. Identifying target audiences can be a lot of challenge for the marketers and sales experts. But with the help of this, your marketing team can easily and efficiently target the audiences based on some previous information from the purchases, demographic and interests. Thus, when the businesses interact with the prospective buyers in this way, the business will understand the desires and needs of the users from their store. Hence, it will help you to convert the prospective shoppers into paying ones.

Improve Customer Relationship Management

Long gone are the days, when the traditional sales techniques like door-to-door and calling customers can increase product selling. People, nowadays, neither answer the marketing calls nor entertain door-to-door salesmen. They prefer technologies these days as they are more influenced by television and social media. Thus, Artificial Intelligence can help you in the Customer Relationship Management. With the help of it, you can create some efficient sales message for approaching your target buyers through the right platform at the right time. This can pursue them to buy any particular product, they are looking for, from your store.

Improved Recommendations For Customers

Customers love to get recommendations but if it is not relevant with their choices, then they will ignore it. Hence, to efficiently and successfully predict customer’s choice, AI can be quite helpful. It can help your business to intelligently scan through the customer’s behaviors and searches recently to offer some helpful and relevant recommendations to each customer. This level of personalization is very much essential to deliver the best shopping experience to your customer.

Keep Track On Your Payments

Payment is one of the vital parts of any ecommerce website. With so many transactions happening from different places in a single day, it can be really difficult for a person to keep a track on everything. But with the help of the Artificial Intelligence, you will be able to get all the data related to payments in just one click. You will be able to check all the successful transactions along with the declined payments, cashbacks, credits and refunds. AI makes it very easy for keeping track on all of these data.

Is AI affordable?

Sadly not! To enable Artificial Intelligence, an organization should invest on necessary infrastructure, engineers and data scientists in order to combine, cleanse and then automate mathematical functions to understand the data deeply. Today, it is the large enterprise merchants who are investing in AI.

AI for Mid-Sized Ecommerce Retailers

If you are a mid-sized Ecommerce retailer, you may find AI to be out of your budget even though it is a need to have solution to grow your online sales.

This is where Clove Commerce Insights steps in!

Clove Commerce Insights, one of the best and most efficient AI products for E-Commerce merchants and is quite affordable. It is meant for the mid-sized ecommerce merchants who are looking for the best of AI assistance.

Clove Commerce Insights is incubated by one of the most trusted brand, PayPal. It is one of the most reliable and trusted brands that bring together the store data from Magento and Shopify, visitor data from Google Analytics and payment data from Stripe and PayPal. After analyzing all the data from these, it provides complete AI-driven actionable insights.

Clove Commerce Insights is full of some exciting and best features. With simple interface and easy integration, it will become quite easy for you to use its in-built Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence for your business analysis.

You will also get more meaningful AI-driven recommendations based on which you can take growth actions for your business. This can also effectively helps in data management with automatic secure data consolidation like time zone or currency conversion. The best part is that all these features come at a very affordable price – just 1/10th the price of any other BI tool.

Before you buy it, you can also opt for the free trial of any of the packages it offers. You can choose from three different packages – Basic, Pro and Advanced, based on your business needs.