Analytics & Automation has the most comprehensive collection of market intelligence products and services on the Web. We can provide expert insights on global industries, companies, products, and trends. helps you increase the percentage of website visitors that convert into customers and or take a desired action on your website’s page. We test various versions of a website or elements of a page to determine which version results in more leads, contact forms, phone calls, and purchases.
       Our Conversion Analysis Specialists test a number of factors to understand how they impact your conversions and help your business or blog get the most out of your online presence. provides you with an in-depth channel analysis strategy that acts as a growth driver for your business to achieve maximum market penetration.
       Our Channel Analysis Specialists understand the importance of proper distribution channels to reduce your operating costs, increase sales, and improve your customer reach. gives your businesses an accurate prediction about customer preferences: key attributes they are looking for in your products/services, features that they are dissatisfied with, triggers that make them more likely to churn, etc.
       Empowered with such insights, Our Churn Analysis Specialists help optimize your existing product or create one anew. helps your businesses market to individual segments and what products or services it needs to promote to these specific demographics.
       Our Customer Segmentation Specialists gather and analyze data and act on the information gathered appropriately and effectively. They allow your marketers to tailor their marketing efforts to various audience subsets appropriately. helps your businesses create a much more personal and “human” experience across moments, channels, and buying stages.
       Our Customer Segmentation Specialists help create connections between those points that see and affect only a portion of the total buying experience and allow your business to provide a more seamless and consistent consumer experience across all stages of your customer’s decision journeys.’s campaign optimization helps in turning your strategy into a powerful marketing machine.
       Our Campaign Optimization Specialists continually evaluate and optimize your marketing campaigns to ensure that every dollar of their hard-earned budget is being spent wisely.